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We live in a time when everything needs to speed up and decisions have to be made on short notice. With the help of the Crystalline system, we can show you your production processes and everything connected with them. We introduce our innovative, MES system that helps to arrange the entire factory and enables seamless work.

With Crystalline the production becomes transparent (i.e. Crystalline) with no secrets. Our customers are able to quickly make the right decisions concerning production. As a result, their productivity can even double and bring millions in savings!

The Crystalline system enables monitoring of machines and production lines. Both management and production employees know exactly, second by second, what the status, throughput, and quality level regarding each of the production areas.

Please explore our website to learn more and get familiar with our system. The tabs below – Benefits, Reports, and Implementation – describe main functions and aspects of the Crystalline system.

Downtime elimination

According to research, more than half of productivity waste is caused by downtimes. With Crystalline you can quickly find out the reasons for downtimes and which machines have the most problems as a result. You can quickly implement appropriate actions no matter whether the issues concern supply chain, quality, or production employees.

Efficiency improvement

Another important reason why companies lose a lot of money is reduced performance, defined as a lower quantity of manufactured items compared to originally set standards. Quick and detailed analyses of products and machines, where most problems regarding maintaining the production rate occur, can help to address corrective actions more accurately.

Quality improvement

The last aspect of world-class productivity is high quality. Our system would not be complete without functionalities that enable quick identification of errors, the causes of these errors, and their locations. Detailed reports show the areas of concern, helping the quality and production employees to focus on corrective and preventive actions.

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