You can see everything. In realtime. From anywhere in the world!

Reports summarize the production results the following day or, in the best case, some brief notice after the end of a shift. All this makes it much more difficult to make decisions in order to quickly improve the situation.

Do you want to see the status of your machines, production lines, and production cells in real time? You can monitor the current situation with the Master Factory View function available on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can also install TV screens – in the production area and in offices – enabling everyone concerned to monitor relevant production issues: status of order processing, quality level, breakdowns, or other current problems. From now on you can easily make the right decisions in a short time – there is no need to wait for reports informing about facts that already happened and can’t be undone.

And you know what? It doesn’t really matter where you are at the moment – joining a customer meeting in Germany or enjoying your vacations in Thailand – you can monitor your production from anywhere in the world. All you need is a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer with Internet access.

No more: “But I didn’t know …”

The lack of effective and fast information flow regarding sudden events that take place on the production site is the main cause of delays in problem solving. As a result, all problems become accumulated and generate heavy losses.

In critical situations, such as low productivity, long downtimes, breakdowns, or sharp decline in quality, the system immediately sends messages to people directly involved in problem solving. Your employees will receive notifications as soon as a few seconds after the event, either by phone, text message, or by email or chat message (computer). This will allow them to react immediately to emerging problems, and many of these problems can even be nipped in the bud, so that you don’t lose your time, resources ….nor money.

Production line workers who don’t have company mobile phones nor access to company computers use Andon lights to receive signals from machines – these coloured lights inform about possible problems in the respective production areas.

Free your employees from reporting! Let them focus on their work.

Okay, but collecting such amounts of production data, every second, will certainly mean that a lot of people need to focus on collecting, checking, and analysing these data!

Well, on the contrary – the Crystalline system relieves your employees. The data collecting process is automated, and the quality of this data is much higher than the data registered on paper. The analyses are also tailored in order to intuitively help in production managing and the related department.

By implementing Crystalline, you don’t only collect real data, but also significantly reduce the time needed for collecting and analysing (Excel files, filters, pivots, etc.). Your employees receive more detailed information about what is going on and why, and gain more time to meet their daily challenges.

Transparency of employees’ work and rights

The system registers work details with the help of readers and employee cards. With access to employee files containing employees’ approvals and rights, Crystalline can provide or block the access to respective positions and activities both within the production and outside (so-called “unproductive work”, e.g. sorting, cleaning, etc.)*.

* Available option of connecting to in/out employees’ registration system

These functionalities enable better workforce management, competent task delegation, and effective development of employees’ skills.

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