With regard to big… and small factories

Our solutions are innovative on a global scale, but we are also open to target smaller customers. Our system is available in three main options:

  • Basic — a budget option for customers who are satisfied with basic Crystalline functionalities.
  • Plus — an option created for customers who need more functions, including the production monitoring in real time and sudden events notifications.
  • Pro — an option for customers who want to fully exploit all system functionalities, including the complete machine and production lines data transfer automation.

Where, what, how?

The Crystalline system currently covers several production processes, often very different from each other. Some examples include: assembly lines and production cells, mould injection, blowing machines, tampoprinting machines, wire harnesses and cable production, and paint rooms. Over 2000 employees currently use Crystalline within the most demanding industries: automotive and the white goods sector.

Our customers are also very satisfied with the seamless cooperation offered by our company both during the implementation and the system operation stage – we are able to implement and configure our system in less than three weeks!

Compatibility with existing IT solutions

While developing Crystalline we focused on compatibility with other IT systems implemented in an organization. The built-in plug-in system enables the seamless communication between Crystalline and, among others, MRP (II) systems.

As we consider relieving employees from excessive work as our priority, we equipped Crystalline with an automatic data synchronization option and the function of two-way communication with existing corporate IT solutions.

Please note: Compatibility also depends on existing solutions at the customer’s site.

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