Productivity Up!

The guarantee of success

Besides the innovative solutions of Crystalline, we decided to offer our customers much more.

As we believe our solution is well-proven and we are confident of our customers’ success, we have decided to set up a special “PRODUCTIVITY UP!” program, where we guarantee our customers their success in writing! But if you want to achieve it, using the system is not enough. You also need to understand how to deal with bottlenecks identified by the system. That is why we offer our customers the opportunity to learn detailed analyses of their production processes (carried out by Master Black Belts) as well as training for employees on improvement activities implemented in productive factories.

Elements of the PRODUCTIVITY UP! program

What our customers receive by joining the PRODUCTIVITY UP! program:

  • Detailed analysis of production and production-related areas before the system implementation and selection of the appropriate option
  • Written guarantee of productivity and quality increase
  • Additional in-house trainings* regarding improvement and problem elimination techniques:
    • TRAINING for Management and Leaders: The Productive Factory
    • TRAINING for Quality Department: Quality Assurance at Process Level
    • TRAINING for Maintenance Department: Total Productive Maintenance
    • TRAINING for Engineers: Production Balancing & Changeover Time Reduction (SMED)
  • Free training classes* for advanced Lean Six Sigma, e.g.: Lean Expert, Green Belt (2 weeks), and Black Belt (4 weeks)

* trainings delivered by IFSS Institute for Lean Six Sigma – the European leader in Lean Six Sigma training and coaching

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