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One of Crystalline’s creators and founders is Marcin Gołąbek – LSS Master Black Belt and expert in improvement and “rescuing” of manufacturing companies. Many years spent at several customer locations around the globe, both large global corporations and smaller local manufacturers, have helped him to understand customers’ needs regarding production monitoring, control, and analyses. It turns out that, regardless of the factory’s size, industry sector, or location, many problems are common for all companies. These aspects served as a common basis while creating Crystalline. We believe that flexibility, which is the basis for our system, makes it suitable for every factory in the world.

Special attention should be paid to the tools and techniques used in reporting and notifying functionalities. Many solutions are based on advanced methodologies: Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, and Theory of Constraints (TOC).

That is why we can be sure that our solution is compatible with what large factories have been dealing with for years. Our customers can catch up with the leaders and never lag behind.

Concept of Reversed MES

There is one crucial difference between Crystalline and other MES’s (Manufacturing Execution Systems). It is all about the way it was developed.

Most MES solutions come from SCADA. They still focus on signals, measurements, and machine controlling. This makes production management features very limited and ineffective. Their main role is to show some overall foggy reports that don’t tell much, in fact, and leave room for different interpretations. As they put all attention onto parameters and their traceability, they tend to forget that the most important world-class manufacturing aspects are not single machine parameters and its fluctuation but the way your whole production is managed every day. The most important thing is decisions you make every day!

And this was our real starting point for Crystalline. Quick and effective MANAGEMENT became a base for our system. By doing this, we tossed the classic MES pyramid and changed our priorities when developing Crystalline. This is in line with our statement “Improve the way your production is organized and managed first. Leave all the details* behind machines and lines to your employees and experts. Once they are shown where the pain is, they will find a way to fix it!”

* Don’t you worry. We also supply you with detailed measurements and parameters traceability whenever you need this. But it is never our starting point for Operational Excellence.

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