Reporting: Clear. User-friendly. To the point.

Have you ever experienced having a variety of high-level reports that told you nothing? Our reporting works differently!

It’s not only about classic production and quality reporting. It became our goal to create reporting that easily identifies bottlenecks and their root causes.

It was designed to make sure that within a few seconds all crucial information would be there. Now you are literally a few clicks away from detailed analysis of the production area that you are interested in. Built-in analyses filter and sort data so you can quickly see vital aspects of your production.

Intelligent reports show your production PAIN in a clear and transparent way. This helps to implement accurate actions to improve your processes.

You can also create different auto-reports that will be generated and sent per your specificatons.

Business approach = Financial approach

Once we get down on the production shop floor, most of us tend to forget about the business perspective. We focus on output, efficiency, and/or quality percentages instead. We designed mechanisms and algorithms that can show waste, inefficiency, quality issues, and downtimes – not only in a classic way but also in regards to financials. Thanks to this we can prioritize our future actions, taking into consideration actual loss and/or profit per area.

The system lets you update currency exchange rates, getting updated new numbers from bank servers.

Modules: Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

There are a number of companies trying to implement TPM that is thought to be a most advanced level for maintenance. But this gets very limited, as they lack adequate tools to do so.

Being aware of this, we decided to extend functionalities that are related to registration and registry of machines, production lines, tools, and infrastructure. We give you passports that trace details of each machine or tool work. They inform about predictive maintenance and reworks. They also analyse if there are any actions needed to improve the current situation. Another feature is preventive maintenance management that allows you to plan and standardize all needed maintenance actions. On top of this, you also receive a variety of TPM-related measures and reports, including MTTR (mean time to repair), MTBF (mean time between failures), and equipment availability.

Another aspect of our TPM module is a breakdown notification system. It would be very convenient to receive a text message on your mobile phone any time something unexpected happens to your equipment, right? This will let your employees quickly react whenever their action is needed on the floor. Another advantage is that the details behind your repair report will show your maintenance people where to focus major effort.

Modules: Transparent Quality

Has it ever happened to you that there was no way to show clear root causes for poor quality of your products or processes? It is quite common to see only symptoms (= defects) and not to see the reasons behind them.

Listening to our clients, we decided to develop quality assurance features. Thanks to an advanced quality module, your employees can rapidly identify main root causes, locations of defects, and other aspects of spotting defects. This allows you to fix the problem quickly and improve quality in your company.

In combination with the Crystalline notification system (incl. quality decrease notification), you can be assured that this time you will identify your poor-quality issue,sooner rather than later, and find a solution that will improve it.

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